Plea to drivers visiting the Shuswap

Writer frustrated with driving habits of visitors.

Dear non-resident drivers through the Shuswap and Okanagan.

This is a small geographic area. Many of us who live within its boundaries commute daily to work or shop.

Our highways, for the most part, are in good condition and offer a comfortable commute, with the exception of you.

I am tired and sickened by the amount of accidents you cause. In the last few months, I have watched multiple drivers pass over double-solid lines in on-coming traffic (including twice seeing people pass those passing into oncoming traffic), speeding well in excess of the limits.

Truck drivers block the only passing lanes for miles, driving in tandem, individuals making u-turns on blind corners over double-solid lines and non-residents cruising in designated passing lanes.

My 19-year-old son has witnessed two motor-vehicle accidents because of the above and my husband has been first on scene for two. Yesterday, he had to watch a young man die before EMT’s could arrive.

You have become such a menace that no one but my husband would stop and help.

The actual first on scene never got out of her car and left when my husband did.

Please stop before you kill not only yourself but somebody else’s mother, husband or child. Drive accordingly and safely.


Lei-Anne Compton



Eagle Valley News