‘Pitt Meadows mayor is on another planet’

Good times, bad times, city has seen its share, but taxes keep going up

Editor, The News:

Re: Pitt residents still signing tax petition (The News, July 25).

“I can assure you that we will be responsible in the decision making process and we understand the need to maintain certain service levels, protect our assets now and into the future while remaining fiscally prudent and sustainable.”

That is the last sentence of the letter that Mayor Deb Walters has sent to all the signers of the tax petition. Our mayor is stating that she plans to continue to spend freely and we should trust her to look after our interests. Well, spending us into a hole we may never get out of isn’t how you run a city or a business.

The proposed four percent tax increases for the next five years is a sure sign that the mayor is on another planet.

Who of you, Pitt Meadows taxpayers, have gotten four percent annual pay or pension increases in the last five years?

Over the last 15 years, we’ve gone through good and bad economic times. Not once can I recall our property taxes holding the line or decreasing.

When times are bad, we get hit with bigger tax increases so the city can ‘maintain service levels.’ When times are good, they continue to spend freely.

The tax petition has been presented to council. How loud do we need to be before the city will hear and listen to us?

Archie Blankers

Pitt Meadows

Maple Ridge News