Pet licenses

Resident wants cat owners to contribute financially to the SPCA

I was interested to read your article regarding the costs incurred by the Vernon SPCA. Doing the math based on that article, the feline costs are $287,035 per year while canine costs are $97,975 per year.

Yet cat owners contribute nothing by way of licensing.

This doesn’t seem equitable.

I can appreciate older cat owners not having the funds for this, yet senior dog owners have to buck up on just as small an income.

I would suggest a seniors’ rate for the owners.

Having said that if the cat owners had to pay for licenses, the average cost of those licences would plummet so everyone could afford it.

At the present time I am not owned by either species but do suffer at the hands (or should I say behinds ) of loose cats that defecate in my gardens and make spring planting pretty disgusting.


L. Lundgren




Vernon Morning Star