People of Duncan have right to speak

I would like to give you a brief background of my family.

People of Duncan have right to speak

Dear Minister Keith Simmonds:

I would like to first thank you for what you are doing. You have a big heart and you’re doing everything for the greater good of the community; healing, peace, justice, love and kindness.

I would like to give you a brief background of my family.

My mother was baptized in the United Church, as were most of her siblings.

Growing up as an only child to a struggling single mother was tough for us both. My mother worked at the First United Church in the downtown east side for a quite a while.

Spring break, pro-d days, sick days etc. were spent on the floor of her office colouring and playing. At break or lunch however we would go down to the basement of the church. A most fundamental place for people in need. Homeless, hurt, broken, misguided or otherwise. There, I met some of the most incredible people in my life. I was a little girl. They changed me, my outlook, and subsequently the way I raise my children. Those were real people who had lost and found their way. They had stories, families, skills. My mother introduced me to them, let me talk to them and make friends with them.

She was always helping, whether with advice or a laugh, or helping someone to apply for and find a job, one year bringing Christmas to a woman who had rheumatoid arthritis, and who had just become a grandmother at the age of 39. She didn’t stop helping or thinking about how she could do more when we came home at night.

Here’s the problem as I understand it from watching the video:

• Some people seemed to overstep their authority to change a zoning definition. The council corrected that.

• Someone could take the city to court, but it will never be their fault, if it’s truly not zoned for this type of shelter.

• Warmland was built for this purpose. Something needs to be done in regard to the segregation and safety of women, understanding of course this will also take work

There are other issues I won’t get into, but please sir, don’t shoot the messenger. The people of Duncan have a right to speak. The politicians of Duncan have a duty to defend and speak on their behalf.

Again, I thank you for your passion in the Valley, as it is needed.

I also just wanted to mention my mother is Sharon Jackson. Also that no statement of yours or anyone’s can express the whole truth of God.

Rachel Jackson


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