Paying for Khadr’s defence doesn’t make sense

Reader feels system lacks compassion for victims

Those who believe their God allows them to kill in the name of faith, beliefs, family honour, etc. should stay where their roots and faith are, instead of choosing Canada as a scapegoat country.

Omar Khadr, for example, is costing Canadians a lot of money. This is money that we do not have to begin with. Khadr’s lawyer, Nate Whilings, suggests that the taxpayers of Canada should pay $20 million for alleged violation of Khadr’s civil rights.

If you are a killer, you have no rights and it does not matter your age. Do not blame mommy or daddy for your past. At 14, everyone knows what they are doing.

Because of his actions, Canadian taxpayers may also be stuck with a $134 million bill to pay for a civil suit brought by a U.S. soldier wounded by Khadr and the widow of a soldier he killed. To cut down the Canadian cost, he should be sent back to the U.S. authorities.

No Canadian that I know has been happy, let alone consulted, with paying for Khadr’s defence with taxpayers’ money, nor do I hear much support for him from Canadians. In this case and many others, it seems the system has more sympathy for killers (criminals), and very little compassion for the victims.

Stefan Mieczkowski, Langford

Goldstream News Gazette