PAWS Points: Sheba, the true Creston Valley PAWS dog

Creston’s Pet Adoption and Welfare Society volunteer Signe Miller describes life of the late Sheba...

Sheba wearing her bib while eating lunch with PAWS volunteers.

Sheba, a mixed breed, medium-sized, eight-year-old female dog, first came to the Pet Adoption and Welfare Society as a surrender from the friend of her deceased owner. Only a legal owner (or legal representative of the former owner) can request to surrender a pet to PAWS. Sheba was accepted, even though she had some health problems.

After her initial vet check-up, it was discovered she had some serious health issues. The vet suggested perhaps euthanasia was the best route. PAWS has to have a committee decision before that would be chosen.

In the meantime, after pain medication, Sheba showed she wanted to live, and a PAWS foster mom was found for her. Foster homes are found for PAWS animals who are not able to be adopted. The vet prescribed pain medication, and Sheba had found her new foster home as a special needs animal. Her medical care and special needs would be paid for by the PAWS organization, as long as she was fostered.

She did not require spaying, although PAWS would normally spay or neuter intact animals when they are accepted at the shelter.

As the foster pet of a PAWS volunteer, Sheba began to spend lots of time at the shelter office, flourishing as a greeter and general promoter of the organization. Her favourite pastime was having lunch with the volunteers, wearing her bib. She got along well with all the other dogs and was especially protective of the rabbits, ducks and a goat.

Normally, PAWS would have a microchip inserted, which would register the animal in a national database, but Sheba was not expected to need this.

Although Sheba’s health was slowly deteriorating, her foster mom decided to adopt her and accept the associated costs of her care.

After five years of loving care, Sheba’s health has worsened and it was determined it was inhumane to prolong her life. She was cremated and her adopted mom has decided to inter her ashes in the PAWS Memorial Garden, located at the front gate to the shelter on Lower Wynndel Road. Her friends, and anyone wanting to see the garden, is invited to see her put to rest at 3 p.m. July 9.

Any pet owner can inter ashes of their small pets in the lovely garden, with a name plaque, and visit the site at any time of the day or night, as it is located outside the main gate. The cost is $50 for ashes only, $15 for a small plaque and $20 for a larger plaque. Other options are offered as well.

Sheba enjoyed many of the services that the PAWS organization can offer. She spent her last years as one of the best ambassadors PAWS could have hoped for. She will rest near the people who loved her most.

Signe Miller is a volunteer with Creston’s Pet Adoption and Welfare Society. To learn more about PAWS, including how to donate, call 250-428-7297 (PAWS) or visit

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