Party lines

Resident criticizes the Conservative Party for its stance over Syrian air strikes

What is wrong with the Conservatives? Do they really think their asinine argument on pulling the F-18s is going to fool the public?

Of course Mr. Arnold spouts the party line and misinforms his constituents by inferring the Liberals are soft on terrorism.

So we’re meant to believe that Mr. Arnold’s military knowledge (or that of anyone else in his party) is better than that of the current minister of defense?

Typical politician: spewing rhetoric about something they know little about, trying to convince the public that they’re intelligent and informed and right.

The fact is, the Liberals are doing far more than the Conservatives did to fight ISIS. Our F-18s are not needed.

The U.S., Britain, France, and Russia are all flying missions. The skies are full.

What about the cost of having the F-18s there, when, again, they aren’t needed? What a waste of money.

For a party claiming to be the only ones who can run a fiscally sound government, it doesn’t make much sense. But maybe that’s because the only fiscal concerns they care about are those of the oil industry.

If I sound angry, that’s because I am.

I don’t like defending the government.

I have never voted to re-elect a government.

In my opinion, politicians have always mismanaged the country for their own ends.

I hope for election reform so we can get a more representative and inclusive government.

Bruce Chomcey



Vernon Morning Star