Park not a good site for Show & Shine

To the editor:

Well, 100 Mile House lost the Garlic Festival to Lac la Hache. Will it be the Show & Shine next?

This event is a “flash to my past.” A lot of seniors can’t make it down and up the hill at Centennial Park. It’s also out of the question for the disabled.

This is all because eight businesses wanted it moved. I have a right to know who these businesses are.

Tourists driving through town will keep going as usual because of eight greedy businesses. “Out of sight, out of mind.”

Most people travelling on 97 don’t know a town exists beyond the highway.

You can pretty well bet people in Lac la Hache are already planning how to get the Show & Shine moved to their area. They have the ideal location for it, right on the highway.

Maybe you can wave at “Garlie” when you drive by.

It will be interesting to see how the custom vehicles will move up and down the gravel road to the park without spitting out rocks. These cars are a labour of love to their owners and years of work getting them just right, and then have it ruined by rock chips.


J.W. (Bill) Stanton, Deka Lake


100 Mile House Free Press