Parity for teachers’ wages doesn’t wash

Am I the only person out there that is getting tired of listening to the whines’ of the BCTF?

Am I the only person out there that is getting tired of listening to the whines’ of the BCTF?

Does this group not already have a secure, good paying job with benefits that the average working person will never have? I’ve heard it was comparable to that of the MPs.

Instead of complaining about what other union sectors are getting, and whining because you didn’t get as much candy as they, you should be happy for them, after all, they are your brothers and sisters. This is British Columbia, who cares that Ontario or Quebec pays higher rates? Both those provinces are on the verge of financial collapse, similar to the way B.C. was while under the NDP, all due to the facts of reckless overspending, such as high union wages and buckets of freebies for every social group that squeaked. Ontario has been told to slash everything across the board or face the same results as Greece.

I don’t get it; the ship is sinking and the want to be captains are still trying to sell us tickets for the ride.

I know there are a lot of good teachers in B.C. that are quite happy making the great living they are, and to them, I say thank you. To the rest, it may be time to do some good for the province and move on to something you can earn a better living at. Perhaps Ontario or Quebec could offer something.

B.C. has come through this global situation relatively well, but it will take more strong action and decision making to make it through.

I am thankful that we have some foresight among George Abbott and the upper level of government to keep on track. The BCTF has been given a fair deal and they refuse to take it.

Maybe the teachers should spend some time in the real world, working with the majority of B.C.’s workers, and find out what it’s really like to have an unfair wage.

Quit robbing the poor people by sucking more tax from them, in order to fill your own pockets. The BCTF should try a leadership role for once, perhaps that kind of gesture would stimulate the support of the people, at a time when they may really need it. Go to work, do a good job, when the time is right, you will get a raise.


Byron Every

Salmon Arm Observer