OPINION: Recounting Chilliwack’s history of election recounts

A relatively rare occurrence, there have been a few over the last 70 years

Should find out why before passing judgment

Please think about the fact that there might be a reason for it

  • Nov 9, 2018

LETTERS: Bigger than how we vote

Editor: I had to read carefully to understand the various voting systems...

  • Nov 9, 2018

Letter: Concerns about vote tampering

Does our vote always get counted?

  • Nov 9, 2018

On the Wing: Living in chartless nothing

By Margo Hearne

  • Nov 9, 2018

Time to ban plastic bags in Cowichan

As Canadians we use about 2.86 billion plastic bags annually.

  • Nov 9, 2018

Letter: Pot-smoking drivers more dangerous than gun owners

Well folks, Justin Trudeau and his minions, flush from their success in legalizing another intoxicating substance, are embarking on another piece of Liberal stupidity - that being the banning of legally owned handguns and "assault rifles" (incidentally, true assault rifles are already banned in Canada).

  • Nov 9, 2018

Cartoon: Transportation aid package to assist with Greyhound departure

Penticton Western News editorial cartoon by Ingrid Rice

  • Nov 8, 2018

COLUMN: Don’t let all-male council be our new norm

Response to Prince Rupert breaking the 46-year streak of always having a woman on council

Affluence and education don’t ensure making good life choices

In response to the letter to the editor by Tanya MacDonald, first I would like to say that I am not going to get into a debate on why one should or should not get the flu vaccine. I think that it is a battle that one cannot 'win' either way.

  • Nov 8, 2018

COLUMNS: Take time to remember

Remembrance Day on Sunday.

  • Nov 8, 2018

Kervin’s Corner: Derelict buildings are ruining Port Hardy’s image

It's negatively affecting homeowners, local business owners, and the overall impression of our town.

  • Nov 8, 2018

LETTER: Editor should apologize to readers

Mission resident takes offense to the use of the term 'gonna'

  • Nov 8, 2018

LETTER: Beware of bright, shiny objects

The full court press by the NDP/Green coalition for a shift to proportional representation is a big, bright shiny object.

  • Nov 8, 2018

Painful Truth: U.S. could take a lesson from Canada’s gerrymandered past

Democracy is better when politicians don't draw the lines on the maps.

Fort Langley cenotaph: Men behind the names

Veteran Michael Major explains a research project that has left him in awe of soldiers who served.

  • Nov 8, 2018

LETTER – The disappearing Comox Glacier tells the climate change story

Governments have been delaying conversion to electric economy for decades

  • Nov 8, 2018