Outdoor pool: opposed

An outdoor pool, similar to the Al Anderson pool, will only serve a small fraction of the community, a small fraction of the time.


Re: planned Aldergrove pool

An outdoor pool, similar to the Al Anderson pool, will only serve a small fraction of the community, a small fraction of the time.

I see it good for swimming lessons, a swim team, and those who like to do laps. I see it good for the summer months.

The other water park ideas are good for toddlers and maybe elementary age children during the summer months.

I wonder if these areas are to be fenced and patrolled during their closed times? Other water parks are a draw for broken bottles and those up to no good. We have plenty problems of this type in our neighbourhood.

We need a water facility that is good for lessons, water play, and exercise for all ages, for therapy and parties, for social get togethers, for seniors and babies, for parents and teens, and the disabled. Warm water. Warm watching area. Hot tub. All year long.

Yes, it costs money. But why spend money on gimmicky water attractions that are second rate just to appease the ‘locals’ and promise us something better ‘down the road’? As there is to be a new ice rink, how about using the money from the sale of the old ice rink property? Or just put the money in a saving fund for when you can do things properly.

And as for future plans for the downtown core; street side parking on a 4/5 lane Fraser Highway is ridiculous! It is hard enough parking downtown Langley on a one way Fraser Highway. Our new rec centre will draw many people, many of them with cars. Where are they going to go? Hopefully, there will be new stores facing an expanded Fraser Highway, that will also need parking. Please give the owners parking behind or beneath their stores, not in front.

I would love to see Aldergrove built with old world charm. With a pedestrian and community friendly roads, walkways, and sitting areas. With cafes with streetside or parkside sitting. With a safe place for toddlers and dogs to relax as their parents enjoy an outing. I hope to see Aldergrove transform from a poverty ridden neighbourhood, to one of prosperity. It is not a community friendly design to ignore where we are and make no transition plans. And it is unkind to ignore the poverty and problems and fob us off with a half baked design. Build what you can afford. But plan for a prosperous, friendly neighbourhood.

We have seniors, the disabled, and young families living here because of the lower cost of housing in this area. If anything, these need community services and a swimming pool to fit their needs more than those with cars who could go to other facilities. I watched with envy as the Walnut Grove swimming pool and community centre was being built. A grand place because housing prices are high in the area. Are we getting the opposite, because of our current housing prices?

Ruth MacLeod, Aldergrove


Aldergrove Star