Out with old, in with the new

New council has an exceptional array of people, says Stacey Gaiga.

To the Editor,

I am so pleased, after fighting for years to expose why Port Alberni’s old school politicians need to be replaced, that this task has finally been realized. Port Alberni voters have facilitated this by choosing a truly decent representation of new leaders.

This new council is formed with an exceptional array of people with their own visions of progress that demonstrate the diversity of needs in our community.

Some have already proven that in the face of adversity they are strong minded, willing to stand up and expose issues searching for truth, ask the hard questions, get to the bottom of matters, and choose different courses of actions for what they believe is right.

I really think we finally have what we need for growth and development in this new council.

I hope they bring fresh new ideas and approaches, and will practise thoughtful processes that will help us develop by accessing all the possibilities our community has patiently been waiting for.

I hope they will all be principled leaders who will research, share ideas, listen, ask the right questions and lead Port Alberni citizens with respect, dedication and attentiveness.

Stacey Gaiga,

Port Alberni

Alberni Valley News