OUR VIEW: Tough decisions being made regarding back-to-school

It's not for anyone to judge another family's decision about sending their kids back to classes

The information surrounding schools re-opening has been coming from the provincial health officer, the ministries of health and education, teacher’s union representatives and others for the past month or so.

We’ve got a plan. Here’s the plan. The plan has changed. Watch for updates.

Parents have been tasked with making an extremely difficult decision: to send their children back to school while a global pandemic seems to be regaining steam in our communities or keep them home and educate them using the resources that are available – the details of which we still don’t really know.

And that second option isn’t an option for everyone. Many have jobs that can’t be done remotely. Some have more children than can possibly be properly educated at any reasonable level by one parent who is also trying to get their own work accomplished to keep bringing in a paycheque. Maybe there is an immunocompromised grandparent or two in the picture.

There are many reasons that a family would make either of these choices. And neither one of those choices will be the right one for all families.

Let’s keep that in mind when your friends tell you they’ve decided to keep their kids home. Or to send their kids back.

It was a difficult decision, so let’s not judge the people who made it.

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