OUR VIEW: Reckless spending must stop

Canada’s federal debt, according to debtclock.ca, was $640,750,609 and a blur of three more digits when this sentence was written.

It grows by $2,969,634.70 per hour, $71,271,232.88 per day and $17,658.14 is your share.

It’s frightening.

To everyone, that is, except our prime minister, who loves playing Santa Claus on the world stage.

Before parliament’s first sitting, Justin Trudeau already threw $2.65 billion at third world countries, ostensibly to help them fight climate change.

When it was our turn for help, in the wake of Fort McMurray’s fire disaster, numerous countries offered us cash.

Trudeau turned them down.

Last week, with International Women’s Day as a backdrop, he earmarked $650 million to be sent overseas “to address gaps in sexual and reproductive health” in poorer countries, the ranks of which Canada could perhaps join if Trudeau keeps spending the way he does.

If you’re going to keep spending us into a black hole, how about at least spending on Canadians?

Canadians on wait lists for vital surgery, Canadians who are homeless, Canadians who can’t afford housing, Canadians unable to feed their families, Canadians who can’t find a job and are unbelievably stressed because of it.

Someone, please, tell Trudeau that this is our money, not his.

When we finished writing this editorial, our national debt was $640,750,751 and three more blurred digits.

By the time you read this, it’ll be many millions more.

-Black Press

Campbell River Mirror

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