Our lack of care for homeless minors awful

In today’s paper, Karen Chaster spoke for myself and I’m sure many others.

Re: “Why are we not on top of homeless problem?” (Citizen, Sept. 21).

In today’s paper, Karen Chaster spoke for myself and I’m sure many others. It makes me less proud to be a Canadian when I see that refugees from other countries are welcomed with open arms and are given every possible aid and comfort, when our own young people, not even of age, are left hiding behind a dike with no care, safety or comfort.

I foolishly assumed that when young people were “in care” they were receiving better care than feral cats! I am shaken and sickened by this situation.

When an unhealthy and dangerous maple tree was about to be taken down there were mobs of protesters. Where are they now? Trees are more valuable than our young people, I guess, to many.

Did I know of this situation? Absolutely not. At my age and in my condition I cannot think of anything that I can do to help. It would only be a bandaid. But surely there are people who could do something for these “throw-away” children.

People who have the knowledge needed to put the wheels of change in motion. People who must know that but for the grace of God, these could be my children or yours.

Perhaps we need to take our eyes off of children in other countries who are suffering and take care of our own as well.

As I go now, to my safe, warm, clean and comfortable bed in my safe, warm and comfortable home, my mother’s heart breaks for them. Shame on us!


Peggy Cetinski


Cowichan Valley Citizen

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