OPINION: Hugs double up on slugs

OPINION: Hugs double up on slugs

Hugs win the week 8-4 over slugs in this week's reader opinions.

HUGS: Big huge hugs to the person or people that put decorations in the trees down along the soccer field’s walk. My granddaughter and I had such a good time looking at them, counting them and talking about the wonderful things people can and will do to make others happy. It was a great surprise and gift. Thank you!

HUGS: To the many customers and businesses that realize the true meaning of supporting local.

SLUGS: To the local consumers and businesses that talk the “local” talk but don’t walk the walk. Obtaining products and services from outside the Kootenay area only to bring them into our community  and pass them off as “local” is not what it is all about.  If you want to support local, you will.

HUGS: Biggest hugs to a local business man for his great job and huge muscles. He and his crew keep my lot plowed and allow the less mobile Nelsonites to get around easily.

HUGS: Big hugs to the person who sent me the Slugs for running my gas powered snowblower at 4:45 a.m. Nelson City Noise Bylaw states “ no excessive noise 24/7 365 “except for snow removal.” Thanks again for the Slugs!

HUGS: To the kind soul who turned in our little Siamese kitten to the SPCA on January the 15th. Thank you.

HUGS: To those who shovel all the snow from their driveways on their own property.

SLUGS: To those who shovel and blow the snow from their driveways onto city roadways. Why do you think the city plows the streets?

HUGS: To the city for their prompt re-plowing of a blocked street. How unnecessary on a big snow day.

SLUGS: To lazy people. It would be interesting to know if it is the same people who are too lazy to remove snow from their car are the same people who don’t use their turn signals and don’t even bother to pick up after their dog!

HUGS: To the two people down by the mall who stayed with my boy when I was inside. It doesn’t  matter what my reasons were, it was unacceptable. You were right.  I also apologize for my reaction when I was confronted. I do not teach my son to behave that way and I am truly sorry. I am so ashamed. I had a good talk with my son about it tonight, and I told him how wrong I was. Thank you for showing me the error of my ways. This will truly never happen again…I hope you can forgive me.

SLUGS: To the weather! I know this is probably normal for Nelson, but as a newcomer to the community, I find all the snow, especially the packed down snow that has turned into an ice sheet, to be depressing.


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