OPINION: Hugs and slugs

OPINION: Hugs and slugs

There seems to be a lot of emotion in this weeks Hugs and Slugs, with Hugs squeezing into the forefront.

HUGS: Hugs to the great bunch at the archives. Double hugs to the volunteers!

SLUGS: Slugs to pyramid businesses that prey on vulnerable women. It doesn’t work.

HUGS: Hugs to the owner of the beautiful flower bed down at John’s Walk. The smell was amazing in the afternoon sun!

SLUGS: Slugs to parents who don’t parent! Your job is the most important one! Society does not want to deal with your rude, lazy, disrespectful entitled offspring!

SLUGS: Huge slugs to the person who went into a student’s backpack and stole the American money needed for a school rugby tournament in Spokane the past weekend. May KARMA find you!!!!

SLUGS: To the person or individuals who stole four tones from the disc golf course. You ruined a perfect, sunny, harmless activity with a great group of humans. They remain useless to you and priceless to us, pure adulterated sluggery!

HUGS: Super hugs to my new dentist and staff for making me feel so welcome on my first visit, and especially to the receptionist who walked two blocks to put more money in the meter when I was running overtime. Service extraordinaire! Big squeeze!

HUGS: I’d like to give my first official hug as a new Nelson resident to my employer for giving me a job opportunity. I am so grateful for all of your support with my big move out here! I look forward to see what this next chapter has in store!! — Your new employee of the month

HUGS: Big hugs to the Uphill morning bus driver last week. When he realized his particular bus route wouldn’t get close enough to the hospital, I watched him take money out of his own pocket and call a cab for a gentleman who needed to make it to his appointment on time.

SLUGS: Giant slugs for massacring our lovely trees and leaving our streets an eyesore. This devastation should not be allowed. You are making our beautiful city not so beautiful anymore. I am devastated by the destruction on our boulevards. Shame on you. Smarten up and curb the cutting.

HUGS: To the women driving a white car in the mall parking lot a month and half ago. One day you will lose someone very dear to you and you will understand how I felt when you blew your horn at me for touching your car (nearly gave me a heart attack) and then called me a b— because I was crying. You need many hugs because you lost more than I did (your dignity, compassion, feelings, human love for fellow man). I am just a grieving brokenhearted old person who has lost part of her heart.

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