OPINION: Hugs and slugs

OPINION: Hugs and slugs

It's a landslide of hugs as Nelson dishes out the love, paired with three serious slugs.

HUGS: To businesses who leave out water for dogs.

HUGS: To the letter carrier who adjusted my front porch construction in the Uphill area. You’re a star.

HUGS: A big hug for the guy on the motorbike who delivered me my lost package. It was sent to his house and not mine. Good karma to you!!

HUGS: Big hugs to the Nelson Electric Tramway Society for making me a hero to my son once a week when I turn into a tram driver. Thank you.

HUGS: Huge squishy hugs to my wonderful husband and son for taking such amazing care of me during my recent illness, I am blessed to have these men in my life.

HUGS: To the pleasant couple on the Kaslo-New Denver road where I had my motorcycle accident. They took me to the hospital in New Denver. Thank you very much.

HUGS: A big happy hug to the person who found my bike on the road in Nelson, after it fell from a rack, and brought it to the police station. – A relieved and appreciative Nelson cyclist

HUGS: Great big hugs to the construction worker on Baker St. who picked up that elderly lady to help her get into a very large pickup truck on the 600 block of Baker! People like you restore my faith in humanity.

HUGS: A big hug to the Star for including Sirdar as part of your local readership. It’s nice to read some real journalistic stories (such as the article about the little girl that Shriners helped out) twice a week. Keep up the good work!

HUGS: To all our friends, clients, acquaintances, and strangers who donated money to cover our dog’s vet bills after he was viscously attacked by two dogs on rail to trails and the owner walked away with out taking responsibility. Big puppy licks to you all. XXOOO

SLUGS: A slimy slug to terrible tenants who move into homes they don’t own and vandalize with disregard then try to block the sale of the house they’re renting to potential buyers with negative, uninvited and irrelevant remarks. Your indifference to our situation will return to your life — this I know is true. Human compassion first and always.

SLUGS: To the two women on the rail trail with the large off leash brown dog. I’m a woman in her 80s who enjoys my walks up there, until your dog charged at me, barking, growling, lunging, and surrounding me. Sure, you tried grabbing and calling your dog, but to no avail. I was totally terrorized! An untrained, untrustworthy dog like this should NOT be off leash. Feeling nervous and wondering if or when I’ll be able to return to my rail trail walks.

SLUGS: I wish I did not have to write a slug, but I have deep concern for drivers on the road. I have been seeing some absolutely disturbing driving habits in and around Nelson — people still talking on their phones and driving, u-turns in the middle of the street with cars behind them and not using a signal light, drivers ‘gunning’ it through a light or stop sign, hoping they can make it. And one more issue, dear senior drivers, make sure you are focusing on the drivers around you. All of these habits put us all at risk. We have enough risks on the roads already.

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