OPINION: Hugs and slugs

OPINION: Hugs and slugs

Hugs squeeze out slugs by almost double the number, with gratitude and thanks.

SLUGS: To smug know-it-alls.

HUGS: To all the people getting smoked out of home.

SLUGS: To nobody. This is a trying time, let’s all get along.

HUGS: Big fat lovin’ hugs to all the brave people keeping us safe by fighting our fires! We would not be here without you.

HUGS: Major hugs to the firefighting team and pilots who work tirelessly to save the residents on the North Shore and their homes.

HUGS: A very big thank you to the volunteers for putting on another spectacular Fishing Forever event at Cottonwood Lake. We look forward to it every year!

HUGS: To the Nelson Search and Rescue volunteers who carried me down from the Pulpit Rock path when I fell and injured my knee on Canada Day. They were prompt and professional and kept me secure and comfortable on the way down. Thank you so much!

Slugs: To the female on the bicycle who stole the tip jar from the lakeside concession. The cafe is a family-owned business which employs hard-working students each summer. May karma give you what you deserve. Hugs: To all the staff! Your hard work every day is much appreciated and makes the park a wonderful place to be!

HUGS: To the many people in the community who offered help and lodging to us and our animals when our home was threatened by the Sitkum/Duhamel fire. Hugs for all the phone calls, prayers, and visits. We were overwhelmed by the kindness of people. What a wonderful community in which to live. And hugs to the firefighters who worked endlessly to keep the neighbourhood safe. They just never gave up.

HUGS: To all of the many respectful people who come up Svoboda Rd. to mountain bike and hike, who don’t litter, who appreciate and care for this special place, Crystal Mountain, as we, the residents, do. It is a pleasure to have you pass through our neighborhood. Thank you.

Slugs: To the people who come up Svoboda Rd. and trespass on private land, dump huge piles of garbage, start fires, leave empty containers of poor quality alcohol (which perfectly match your level of consciousness) and otherwise use it as a place to hang out and party. Further slugs to the parents who know about this and actually encourage teenagers to use this place as such. Once you pass the park boundary sign, it is 100 per cent private land until the gated entrance to the park. The neighborhood is watching, the RCMP is alerted, and it is not going to continue. Trespass at your own risk.

HUGS: To the bicycling couple who passed us going towards Nelson from Balfour on Saturday, June 20, and asked if we needed assistance, given that we were walking our bikes on the shoulder of the highway. In fact, we did need help. I had a flat and left our tools in our hotel room – it was the first day of a ten day cycle tour of the area. They eventually returned with their truck and brought us back to their place, for a tire repair and watermelon. It was our introduction to Nelson and the warmth remained with us for the rest of the tour. And so did the tire patch.

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