Obnoxious party

I’m sorry to report that the large, noisy, boisterous drinking party of young people were from Parksville.

I’m sorry to report that the beautiful Jedediah Island Marine Provincial Park was on Saturday, May 16 the site of a large, noisy, boisterous drinking party of young people who said they were from Parksville.

There were heaps of bottles, cans and garbage everywhere, which was very unsightly. One naked couple were engaged in sex acts in broad daylight. However the worst thing was the noise of the music blaring from five or six massive speakers. It was ear-splitting when close by — my husband and I walked all the way over to the campsite from Deep Cove, where we had anchored, in order to ask them to please turn it down. They refused. The noise reverberated throughout the park. Other boaters hiking on the island all shook their heads sadly. It was so out of place, so obnoxious and so sad. Such a beautiful park and island should not be despoiled by such partying and gross noise pollution.

My husband and I have sailed for many years, on this coast, on Canada’s East Coast, up North (Great Slave Lake), down in Mexico, the Caribbean, throughout French Polynesia, the Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga, New Zealand, Fiji, and Australia. We are sad to report that the noise and mess on Jedediah was the WORST we have ever experienced in all our sailing!

We often encourage other yachties that we meet from all over the world, to come to BC but we would have been hugely embarrassed if any of them had come to Jedediah that day. The island is a real jewel and should not be trashed by young people out of sight of their parents’ eyes.

We would like to ask Parksville parents to please speak to your youngster if they were at Jedediah on May 16. Please have a talk with them about respecting nature and others who wish to enjoy it.

Isabel Bliss and Jim MerrittSurrey, B.C.

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