Not negative, just truthful

If the likes of B.C. media would do their jobs, I would not have to keep writing letters.


Not negative, just truthful

John [Boettger] states that my letters are negative. John is the one that is negative. My letters cause his blood pressure to rise because the truth hurts him. He stands by and supports lies and propaganda. I do not. I stand by the facts and reality and plain old common sense.

I do not shoot from the hip. I do my research and only then I will pursue my attack.

When John Horgan was the leader of the official opposition in B.C., I sent him a email showing a news article that the NDP government in Nova Scotia is destined to be a one term government only. John returned an email to me and this is his quote. “Joe, I am not your MLA and the information you are sending me is of no interest to me. Maybe you could find someone else to play with.” This proves that John Horgan is only in politics for his paycheque and working towards a overpaid MLA pension.

I sent a copy of his email to B.C. Green party leader Andrew Weaver. Andrew replied to my email and this is his quote. “Hello Joe. Well that certainly was not a reply I would do. I’m surprised.”

While as opposition leader, John Horgan was complaining 24/7 about how the B.C. Liberals were handling the B.C. teachers strike. I emailed Andrew Weaver for his comments on this. Andrew’s email reply quote is, “Hi Joe. I am certainly not a NDP’er. They in my mind are ineffective and do not have the capacity to govern.” More lies. Andrew supported to keep the NDP minority government in power.

John Horgan goes public and says that B.C. is the last province in Canada to eliminate B.C. medical premiums and John Boettger just takes this in stride that Horgan is telling the truth. I myself did not believe what Horgan said. I did my research and found that B.C. is the eighth province in Canada to eliminate total medical premiums. Ontario and Quebec both have the employer health care tax, but taxpayers in both provinces still have to pay a small portion of medical premiums themselves.

If the likes of B.C. media such as Keith Baldrey and Vaughn would do their jobs, I would not have to keep writing letters. The public deserve to hear the facts. They can go to the local library to read fiction.

In summary, I have received compliments from people telling me to keep up the good work because the truth has to be told. I have also met people that I do not know, and when I mention my name, they say are you the one that writes excellent letters. They shake my hand.

In summary John, remember that your chances in life are only at half mast, and so is everyone else’s. Remember that all political parties are the same, but there is always one just a bit better than the other one.


Joe Sawchuk


Cowichan Valley Citizen

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