Not everyone gets paid back

Widow whose husband died at 58 gets fraction of CPP payment.

Editor: I read your editorial on paying more taxes in 2013, republished in the Tri-City News on Jan. 9 on the opinion page.

I would like to expand on your comment that we will eventually get our payments back from CPP.  I am a widow. My husband contributed all his life to the CPP, then at 58 years of age, he died, and I thought I would receive his CPP.

This is not true. The federal government gives me some of the payment — about 28 per cent of what my husband would have received.

The federal government keeps the rest for itself. My husband did not pay into it all his life so the federal government could spend money entitled to him.

He thought his CPP would go to his widow.  It is appalling that this is being done.

Perhaps you could do an article about the federal government keeping most of a spouse’s CPP when they die early.

Brenda Sekora,


Langley Times