Nosy do-gooders rile Comox Valley dog owner

Dear editor,

Sometimes people have no business breaking into someone else's vehicle to rescue a dog that doesn't need to be rescued.

Dear editor,

OK, so I know their hearts were in the right place, but sometimes people have no business breaking into someone else’s vehicle to rescue a dog that doesn’t need to be rescued.

Nor does the owner of said vehicle have to endure the verbal assault upon returning to his vehicle when the situation wasn’t as it was made out to be.

Recently my dog and I had to run errands (which included a long dog walk and a trip to Woofy’s) and ended up at Costco before heading home. Because of the heat and my own medical condition, I run the air conditioning in my vehicle until the temperature gets as low as it can. I even run the aircon during the winter, dog or no dog.

So when the two of us arrived at Costco, I filled her two water dishes up, rolled the windows down a foot each and opened the sun roof wide open. I knew it was hot, I knew the cool temperature of the vehicle wouldn’t last too long. I was fully aware of my dog in the car.

I had my shopping list, I had my store floor plan, I knew it would take no more than 30 minutes (actually took 35).

When I came out, my vehicle was surrounded by a group of people, some with poodle in one hand and ice cream in the other and some other well-meaning women madly looking around with vengeance on their mind. When I got to my car, I found my doors were all unlocked and that someone had been inside.

It was then that the well-meaning-women began their verbal assault on me, telling me my dog didn’t have any water (she did still have water in her both her bowls), that the temperature in there was hot enough to cook an egg (my dashboard temperature read the inside was still two degrees less than the outside of 26 but I guess you could still cook an egg eventually) and that “people like you” don’t deserve to have a dog.

They insisted they were standing outside my vehicle for an hour and a half (I had checked my watch before shopping and my return so I know how long I was there).

There were a lot more assaults about my ability to love a dog (Maggie is one of many SPCA rescue dogs we have had). I was told I should have left my dog at home (so much for taking my dog for a walk) and in a further attempt at belittling was called an old man (well, that part is true).

After discussing this event when I called 9-1-1 from the parking lot to report the break-in and attempt to remove my dog from my car, there was not much that could be done since the well-meaning-women quickly left before the police could arrive (but not before the WMW took several photos).

I understand their concern and need to leave before the authorities arrived. Meanwhile, I was left upset over this vitriol that didn’t have to be. I had to do a survey of my vehicle that was unlocked and entered by a stranger, a stranger with their hearts in the right place, but totally the wrong approach.

People, think before you start something like this. It isn’t always as you blindly think things are. And next time it may not just be canine gender names that are thrown around.

Name withheld by request

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