North Saanich interest appropriate

In her recent letter to the editor, Leave Central Saanich alone (PNR February 9), Ms. Connie McBride wonders, “why North Saanich Councillor Cairine Green is taking up the Vantreight matter when councillors elected by taxpayers in Central Saanich have already studied, discussed and decided on this matter.”

The main reason for my and our council’s concerns about this development relate to significant traffic problems (congestion, volume and speeding) on quiet residential side roads that directly impact North Saanich residents and their families living in the south east quadrant next door to this proposed development.

They are in fact the only residents who are potentially impacted by this development, as only one Central Saanich resident lives adjacent to the site. There have already been problems with heavy dump trucks involved in the development traveling through these residential areas, causing adverse conditions for streets and North Saanich residents that required North Saanich to act on these complaints by putting up signage to prohibit this traffic.

Moreover, North Saanich residents adversely affected have made numerous representations to North Saanich council about concerns, issues and problems related to existing traffic management in this area.

I will always speak up for residents who have legitimate concerns about traffic safety. After all, the primary responsibility of local government and council members under the provincial Community Charter is “to consider the well-being and interests of the municipality and its community.” That is exactly what I and our council are doing in this situation.

It is entirely appropriate that North Saanich residents’ interests be supported; it is our duty and responsibility to do so and a council-to-council relationship is the right model to address mutual problems when the activity in one municipality directly affects the residents of another, especially in this case for North Saanich residents living at the Central Saanich border.

Cairine Green,

North Saanich councillor

Peninsula News Review