Norm Sherritt was a treasure trove of information

He was instrumental in providing information about Murrayville Hall, built under the supervision of his father in 1928.

Editor: The passing of Norman Sherritt brings back a lot of memories.

In 1970, Norm was principal of Aldergrove Secondary, when Sharon began her teaching career. That was when we first got to know Norm.

He knew more about Langley history than anyone we ever met. The amazing thing was that not only did he know what had happened in Langley, but he could produce a news paper clipping or some other document or photo to back up the fact he was talking about.

He had a warm and welcoming disposition, a great sense of humour and supported us 110 per cent in our relocation to Murrayville.

Norm spent a good part of his life in Murrayville, so he had the information we needed to carry out an authentic restoration of the Travellers Inn (now {Princess and Pea B and B) hotel.

We spent many hours talking to Norm about Murrayville. Thank you for your support, Norman.

We have been involved with the Murrayville Hall over the past 15 years, and he had all the facts about the hall. His father Ab built the hall, so he knew it very well.

Norm also shared with us many of his photos and documents in that regard. A truly unselfish person, we will miss Norm a lot.


Sharon and Wally Martin,


Langley Times