Nobody will take train transportation

The E and N railway is history

Nobody will take train transportation

I disagree with comments made by Peter Rusland on E and N upgrades.

Why? Before retirement, I lived in Lake Cowichan, but worked in Victoria. I drove from Lake Cowichan to Victoria return daily, Monday to Friday. I, for one, did not have a choice, because I was unable to sell my house in Lake Cowichan, listing it on three different occasions, but sales were not too popular in the Lake Cowichan area. People new to the Cowichan Valley, would rather buy in Duncan than Lake Cowichan.

When I reached the outskirts of Victoria, just about every car in the Colwood crawl that went by me had one person in the cars, that is the driver. That alone proves to me that no one wants to commute to work in any form of public transportation. You would think that these cars heading into Victoria would car pool, but no way. Drivers wanted to take their own cars to work and willing to pay monthly parking.

Last year, the City of Langford set up a subsidized commuter bus from Langford/Colwood to downtown Victoria for people going to work. The 52 seat bus supplied coffee, a newspaper, and Wi-Fi to relieve the frustration of the crawl. The commuter bus had to abandon the route, as there would only be 18 people on the bus. In summary, the E and N railway is history, for passenger service, mainly because people want to be with their own cars, regardless of the frustrations they face. Further discussions is just a complete waste of time.

Joe Sawchuk


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