No second thoughts about lying

No second thoughts about lying

Political lies becoming more and more the norm.

The possibility of a politician lying is almost 100 per cent but most are by exaggeration – we will lower the unemployment rate by… or by omission as they introduce a new tax that wasn’t mentioned before or just the usual election lies – what a pretty baby or I love this town. These lies are so common that we discount them but the cost is that we also discount the truth. Anybody reading this who thinks that they haven’t ever told a lie is probably lying to themselves.

President Trump is reported to have admitted in an audio recording that he lied to Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau even though he thought he was a ‘nice guy’. Although economics at that level is confusing and can be misread, you shouldn’t mislead a ‘friend’. These are friends that may be needed at a future time and they must be able to trust what is said.

It is now also reported that the ratings for the Trump show – The Apprentice were inaccurate and that basically if you tell them they will believe you. The accuracy of ratings in the TV world is often a source of confusion and disbelief but numbers are numbers. Really, TV ratings don’t matter as we don’t care about their accuracy but if there was a lie, then a lie is a lie.

I can’t claim to have never lied but I always try to tell the truth – once a fundamental characteristic of most people.

Dennis Fitzgerald

Salmon Arm Observer