No one is buying in Harrison

"They took everything and now the market is dead" says letter writer

Dear Editor,

In response to the letter of Bill Dietrich (‘Harrison Hot Springs: Ripe for the picking’ July 23) about Kingma the reason for selling the properties: They took everything they could now the market is dead. Who will they sell to? There no jobs within a 2 hour drive. Even a large number of people who work in Harrison do not live in Harrison. Look at the 5 storey apartment across from the pool completed 4 years ago still empty. A 10 storey highrise complex approved  for construction 4+ years ago not being built, and  over 25% of the single family home for sale, some are not listed owners just waiting for signs that there is a market before putting them up for sale. Even the timeshare market is dead.

Ed Bachman

Harrison Hot Springs

Agassiz Observer