No more gas tax increases

There should be no more tax increases on gas.

Editor: Mayors, listen carefully. There should be no more tax increases on gas.

Where we live, south of the Fraser, the majority of us require gas to get us from one place to another.  We have no alternative.

The services that we do have are few and far between, and now you want to increase the taxes on gas?  What are you thinking?

Most if not all of you are up for re-election. Have you considered the repercussion of approving this increase, just before an election?

When I lived in Vancouver, I walked almost everywhere, because I could. I walked from Kitsilano to downtown because I could. I walked from the VGH area to downtown because I could, and I walked all around Kitsilano because I could — and because services were close enough to walk to.

Out here south of the Fraser, unless you actually live close to a mall or other developed shopping area, you need a vehicle to get to it. For most of us, that’s exactly what is takes.

Don’t penalize those of us who don’t live within close proximity to shopping and services.

As a reminder, those of us who require vehicles to get to and from those shopping and service areas help pay your salaries, and we are watching. Come election time, we may even have to drive to the voting station, or maybe we won’t.

Now having said that,how do you propose taxing those people who live in the ‘centralized areas’ who can walk to and from work or other service destinations, so there is a balance among the taxpayers?

Just because I can’t walk to work doesn’t mean that I should have to pay more tax than the person who can.  Mayors, put that in your pipes and think on it.

D. Atkinson,


Langley Times

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