No more delays

Ministers want more studies, people want action now on Hullcar aquifer

So the results of the meeting of the ministries of environment, agriculture and health with representatives of the Splatsin, Steele Springs, Save Hullcar Aquifer Team and Spallumcheen council are the ministries will carry out more studies to ascertain the source of nitrate pollution of the Hullcar Valley aquifer.

The ministers are professional people.

They should be able to understand the information meticulously researched by the Steele Springs water board over a two-year period.

Graphs and information already supplied by the ministries, if viewed objectively, show the major source of pollution is a farm. If not, they are either incompetent and do not qualify for their positions or they are protecting industrial farming at any costs.

Ministers act professionally.

By all means, do your studies but do not use them as a delaying tactic as you have in the past. We need action now.

Eric Greenwood, Spallumcheen



Vernon Morning Star