No comparison between COVID-19, climate emergency

How dare you compare a health pandemic with a climate emergency!


No comparison between COVID-19, climate emergency

I am writing concerning David Slade’s March 19 inappropriate letter, “COVID-19 response vs response to climate emergency”.

David, in the words of your heroine, Greta Thunberg, HOW DARE YOU!

How dare you compare a health pandemic with a climate emergency!

Your comment that only those with underlying health conditions or over 60 will contract COVID-19 is so very false. If you check the statistics, young people are also infected. Are you pitting one demographic, seniors, against children? Perhaps this kind of thought promotes the new term “boomer remover” to describe COVID-19. Are you now an expert in health matters as well as being a so-called expert in climate change? At this point in time, we need to concentrate on not spreading the coronavirus, and not vilifying those who unknowingly went on vacation only to find themselves in the middle of a pandemic.

We need to encourage our youth, aged 17-plus, to donate blood, which apparently is in short supply. Youth also need to be reminded that social distancing is as important for them as for the older generations as they are bringing the virus into their parents’ homes.

Let’s give a shout out to our grocery store employees, police, fire, paramedics, to our medical staff, and those working in essential services.

David, your last comment is “we are getting exactly what we deserve”. Are you implying that because people haven’t all jumped on the climate change bandwagon with you, that they deserve to contract COVID-19? What a terrible judgement!

Donna Einarsson

Cobble Hill

Cowichan Valley Citizen

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