No benefit to parking ban

I have used Glendenning Road at least 1,000 times in the last five years and have never found the road blocked due to parking

As an invasive species volunteer in Mt. Doug Park, I have used Glendenning Road at least a thousand times in the last five years.  Never once did I find the road blocked due to side-road parking.

In addition, in my almost 10 years working on invasive species, there has never been a fire in the south end of the park.

Yet the new parking ban inconveniences the physically activities of literally thousands of park visitors a year – for no benefit. The parking ban is a costly imposition to a non-existent problem.

And the ban is only the latest in a ongoing series of poor decisions by Saanich.

Unless and until voters sanction a major housecleaning of Saanich council and senior management, we can expect these ill-considered decisions to continue.

But until then, if you enjoy the park, communicate with council and the fire chief to express your opposition to the parking ban.

And ask the mayor to add the issue to the council agenda, so that all interested residents can present to the matter.

Speak loud and clear, because unless you do, it’s not going to change.

Dave Poje





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