No accountability with spending

In a democratic government, we the people are supposed to be in charge of the nation’s spending.

As taxpayers, we have the obligation to help some of the companies (i.e. BC Ferries) because they cannot make it on their own. The problem we have is the wages being paid out to certain management. If companies are not doing well on their own, why are we being stuck with paying so much of the CEO’s wages. Who makes the decisions to pay out such wages?

If my company is not making money, I cannot pay myself a generous income.

Don’t get me wrong, if the company is privatized, let them make their millions. But if not, people such as myself would like to be informed or asked why we should be paying for such large wages.

Doctors, teachers and educated workers don’t make this much. Even police deserve more. I’m sure all of these people work much harder too.

I hope that one of these new election candidates will have much better control and knowledge of our spending.

Stefan Mieczkowski




Goldstream News Gazette