Next big step

You can feel the fear and exhilaration taking the next step towards adulthood.

Graduating from school is one of the biggest steps youngsters take, although all of their first steps are huge.

While it is the young adults’ day, it holds different meaning for parents and grandparents.

Memories of children as babies, taking their first steps, riding their first bikes, going off to school, their first dates. These are the snapshots we see as we watch our off-spring take those important steps out of childhood and into adulthood.

We, as parents and grandparents, feel the excitement – the trepidation mixed with relief for our children – for their future.

As a parent and grandparent, I wish you success. It’s the steps you take now that lead you to your future. The road may have potholes, but eventually you will learn to avoid them and reach your destination.

Congratulations graduates of 2011.


100 Mile House Free Press