New Year’s address from the Pastor of First Baptist Church to the City of Williams Lake

Rev. Darrin Lauder expresses thanks from the First Baptist Church for the community's generosity.


On behalf of the congregation of First Baptist Church, we want to thank the many people that have helped us do what we do. Many over the last decade have regularly helped stock our Freestore and we are continually amazed at what comes in – thank you so much. And to the businesses that carry our monthly Newsletter – thank you for helping us convey biblical truth.

We concluded our 55th year with the clear direction that F.B.C. really stands for Faith Building Center. Our congregation is older and smaller, yet we serve God who is not limited and so faith in His provision is how we get by. There are regular supporters from outside our congregation who believe in the work we are doing, we saw the Lord’s provision for our recent roof repair and renovations, and He even sent a bus load of Christians traveling to Alaska, who took up an offering to leave with the first Church they would see. “Without faith it is impossible to please the Lord” (Heb. 11:6). While it has not been easy, it has been faith-building! One of our inspirations was George Mueller, whose faith mission was to prove that the same God that moved mightily in the past remains unchanging, and he provided for thousands of orphans in the 1800s. The ministry never asked for money but simply prayed and the miraculous provision continued for years. It is our hope that we at F.B.C. can follow in his steps.

Upon entering my 14th year, the longest tenure of any pastor of F.B.C., I would like to offer something to the community of Williams Lake. As a small and elderly assembly we don’t have much to offer, but we do have the truth of God’s Word, and while we live in an information age, there is not a lot of wisdom. I want to offer a weekly presentation of wisdom, God’s wisdom as revealed in the Bible, as a way to give back. It is not that I consider myself a wise man, but after study of God’s wisdom for the past two decades I can confidently present His wisdom for all people.

Rev. Darrin Lauder

Williams Lake



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