New website design is too confusing

Please make things a little less confusing and annoying

Editor, The Times:

I really am not happy with the Clearwater Times’ new website design. I do like to read online to see what might be going on before I pick up my paper from the Post Office.

Now, I cannot get into e-Edition as I do not carry my newspaper around with me to work.

Also the news items do not have the date they were published so that a person knows how old the article is.

Where are all the headings that used to be at the top of the page? Before, I could just click onto Community or whatever and then find it.

I know I am old and don’t like change but really you could humor some of us older people that have been subscribers since 1964 and faithfully read your paper.

Now we have all these security items and it really makes a lot of things confusing and annoying and just down right impossible for some of us to figure out.

I tried to fill in the form. I used to just be able to phone a number get everything set up and I was able to use the same password for both newspapers as I subscribe to both of them. Now I probably have to have TWO passwords to even read the local paper ahead of me going to the post office.

Please make things a little less confusing and annoying

Anne (Goldie) Krawec

Clearwater, B.C.

Clearwater Times