New recreation complex needed

Resident opposed to further renovations to the Vernon Recreation Complex

Having read about the work that is going to happen at the Vernon Recreation Complex later this year, it got me to thinking. Having been to other recreation complexes, specifically in Chilliwack, I believe building a new rec complex for Vernon is more feasible than trying to fix issues with our current complex year-after-year.

Chilliwack, in recent years built a brand new pool and rec centre to replace its old one. It doesn’t need as much maintenance as ours and is open year-round with minimal closures. Chilliwack’s pool and rec centre have a large pool like the one we have, plus, a wave pool, where waves come up once every 30 minutes to one hour.

Their centre is a lot more appealing than the one we have. I believe we can take an idea from them as to what we need to do to keep people in our community recreation centre and not have people going to Kelowna to such places as their recreation complex and the YMCA in Rutland.

Overall, if a new recreation complex is built, I believe it would save taxpayers’ dollars in the long run rather than putting cash into a 20-year-old-plus complex that likely would cost more than running a new one from the ground up.


Alexander Roste




Vernon Morning Star