New political party in store for province

In his step-down speech, Kevin Falcon said he was not out of politics.

To the Editor,

In Kevin Falcon’s step-down speech, he made it clear he would not defend the next Liberal budget.

He also made clear he would not run as a Liberal in the next election. But, he said he was not out of politics.

He was leaving a clear path to attack the next Liberal budget and jump to another right-wing party.

George Abbott joked he did not have the baby excuse to retire from the B.C. Liberals. Yet, he could become so upset by Falcon’s alarms, the could join Falcon in another party.

While many think that Christy Clark’s cabinet is slinking off a doomed ship, I think Socreds covered in Liberal wool are planning another party invasion.

Holding power, with all costs to taxpayers, is likely the plan. The injected party and the surviving Liberals can form another coalition.

The Falcon alarm may be that the budget, with the latest sales tax fix, will bankrupt B.C. The new party and/or coalition may reform the Liberal HST to PST repairs by entrenching a higher tax rate to save us all from ruin.

B.C. voters have fallen for such right-wing schemes repeatedly.

Dee Shoolingin


Nanaimo News Bulletin