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RE: “What’s the deal with Covid camps in Canada?”

I am troubled by several aspects of the story on the front page of the November 18 issue of the Lakes District News. Among my concerns is location of the story on page one, and what I would say is the story’s ‘scare headline’. I’m troubled by the prominence given in the story to “social media outrage” over an issue that responsible government officials have declared to be misinformation and false. The federal government and provincial governments across the country have worked hard to manage the pandemic, and continue to do so. Among the issues Canadian governments have struggled with is finding a balance between individual freedom and collective responsibility. Whatever one may think of individual policies or decisions, I think Canadian governments should be given credit for dealing with these issues thoughtfully and responsibly. And I think that is more newsworthy than giving unwarranted prominence to misinformation and falsehoods.

John Barth

Burns Lake Lakes District News

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