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Resident raises concerns about Colin Mayes' column

I have to take some exception to the column in the paper by MP Colin Mayes. It sounds like it was either written by Enbridge or the prime minister’s office.

Where does he get his information? He claims that pipelines are 99.999 per cent safe. Does he mean for the past 10 minutes? They have had spills on line nine, and several major spills in Alberta. As for tanker spills, there is little international regulation and almost no reporting.

It doe not take him long to fall back on the usual idea that anyone who uses oil or gas should be in favor of the pipeline. He does not mention that his government is not supporting Canadian jobs by allowing bitumen to be shipped unrefined to create jobs in China and big profits for multinational oil companies. I am not against pipelines, but not to the pristine north coast of B.C. and not to ship bitumen to be upgraded and refined offshore.

We get enough propaganda from Enbridge and the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers already.

Gerry Manley




Vernon Morning Star