MP and terror

Resident provides some thoughts on current events around the world

It is with sad and ironic amusement that I read about Mel Arnold’s interest in terror: “MP demands focus on terror.”

Mr. Arnold is quoted as saying the government needs to take “every action to eliminate the root cause and violence that has ravaged Syria and Iraq and has spread its shadow now across the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and more.”

This is the same old Harper/Tory line trying to instill fear and division within the domestic population in order to better manipulate them.

It is also the phrase that Justin Trudeau introduced during the last voting campaign, about the need to look at the “root causes” of terror.  Interesting as to how they have adopted that line of rhetoric.

There should be no doubt in Mr. Arnold’s mind where the root cause of that terror lies, and from where it is casting its shadow. In simple form here it is: the ultimate source of the terror that has spread throughout the Middle East has its root cause in the U.S.’ need to maintain the reserve currency status of its petrodollar hegemony against any and all possible challengers.

Over the past several years, I have submitted numerous explanatory letters to all MPs, including Mr. Arnold, providing the information demonstrating where the terror source actually resides.

At this point I will not reiterate that comprehensive structure for this letter, as Mr. Arnold could actually read his e-mails if he wished.

Jim Miles



Vernon Morning Star