More policing is not the key to feeling safer

Editor: Oh Langley, what have we done?

Our new mayor has decided that he wants an increased police presence in the downtown core, and as someone who lives, works and shops without a car in Langley, I see how much of a negative impact it’s having on the atmosphere of our neighbourhood.

We do have property crime in Langley, no question about it, but that doesn’t really feel like a police issue at the root. I don’t know how everyone feels, but a lot of us actually feel less safe when we see police cars every time we step out.

It seems lately, that every time I walk out the door, whether from home, work, or the shops, there are police racing up and down the road or stopping pedestrians for no apparent reason.

At first I thought they must have good reasons, until my child came home and told me they were stopped while walking home.

The reason the officer gave was that the child matched the description of a pedestrian who had turned away when another police officer had driven by.

Is this really grounds to stop people now — because you happen to look away as the police drive by? My guess is that they are now so overstaffed in a city with relatively low crimes, that they’re desperate for tasks to do.

I have no doubt this will backfire as normal, law-abiding citizens start to be targeted by bored officers for no reason other than being out in their own neighbourhoods.

We dropped the ball at election time, let’s speak up now before we create a nightmare situation.

Those dollars would serve us better if they were spent on community programs and support, or maybe even fixing the number of pedestrian lights that have non-working buttons.

E. Whaley,


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