Cleared snow piled up along 25th Avenue in Vernon. Photo Credit: Barry Gerding/Black Press

More money aimed at snow

EDITORIAL: City considers adding more funds to downtown snow removal

There may be some complaints, but considering the amount of snow that’s fallen this winter, the city should be applauded.

Unfortunately, as humans, we have a tendency to complain instead of praising the good work that is being done.

Whether it’s the comics missing from the pages of this paper or the lack of snowplows – which are sometimes as sparse as the Sudoku in the paper – people will always pick up on what is missing.

The fact is, whether it’s the city staff or those putting this newspaper together, everyone is working their butts off to get the job done.

It’s easy to sit back and complain, but a better option is finding a solution.

For the case of the missing comics and infrequent puzzles, the newspaper is seeking a sponsor to keep these services coming to your door three times a week, for free.

The city is looking at a similar option, putting more money into boosting services.

See Downtown snow removal draws debate

Coun. Juliette Cunningham, who has operated a downtown business for 28 years, didn’t support lowering the event severity index to 15 cms, but did support adding funds to the reserve.

Coun. Brian Quiring, who operates a business downtown, disagreed that there is even a problem.

“I think crews have been doing a spectacular job this year on snow removal,” he said. “The snow removal in downtown, given the amount of snow and given what some other communities have gone through, is doing very well. As long as people shovel their sidewalks. I think we should amp up enforcement for shoveling sidewalks because that’s a bigger deal.”

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