More discussion on dialysis machine

A letter to the editor of the 100 Mile Free Press by Donna Brown.

To the editor:

My neighbour and I have been trying for one year to have a dialysis machine in our hospital for the patients of the community with kidney disease making the one hour (or more depending on where they live) trip to Williams Lake hospital for dialysis treatment.

We have emailed, sent letters, petitions to the Interior Health Authority, the BC Renal Agency and members of the government to no avail.

Interior Health has the mandate from the government to place dialysis machine/machines but IH says there are not enough patients needing treatment in our area.

The numbers would be more than sufficient if patients, through the years, due to the stress of travel, had not been forced to sell their homes and move closer to treatment. Presently there are four patients making the trip.

It means travelling one hour to Williams Lake, a four hour treatment there and another one hour back to 100 Mile House.

This must be done three times a week. Health issues can strike at any time. We realize we must travel to see specialists but this life saving treatment could and should be done in our community. There are many dialysis machines all over B.C. in hospitals and clinics. One of them should be in 100 Mile House. Patients dealing with this life changing health issue should not have to travel for treatment. We are not a third world country.

The all candidates meeting in Interlakes will be accepting floor questions for the candidates and I hope if you cannot attend the meeting, you will, if you agree we need a dialysis machine in 100 Mile, express your opinion to the candidates in an email and ask their opinion on this important health issue and, if elected if they would advocate for a dialysis machine in 100 Mile House.


Donna Brown

Lone Butte

100 Mile House Free Press