Misrepresentation through omission?



Minister Rich Coleman’s response to “Gambling cuts to cover B.C. budget shortfalls” was misleading and did not shed light on concerns for local non-profits.

He writes: “While it is true that Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Williams Lake will next be able to apply for gaming funding in August 2011, they are among groups transitioning between grant programs. Because of this they may request an advance payment at that time, based on their group’s needs.”

My question to Mr. Coleman, when is “at that time”?

Is it in April when the funding ends?

Or August when applications for new funding are being accepted?

And what is the process for requesting an advance in funding?

I have spoken to staff in Victoria and no one can answer these questions.

Organizations that are facing a possible 11 months without funding need these answers to forecast and plan.

Minister Coleman estimates that in 2010/11 community groups will receive $120 million in gaming grants, $7 million more than in 2009/10.

What he neglects to mention is that there has been a serious decline in past years, and this is $48 million short of the allocations to community groups in 2003/04.

I’m sure environmental, arts and cultural organizations did not overlook this omission.

Lorraine Levitt,

Executive Director

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Williams Lake

Williams Lake Tribune