There are many misconceptions about the poor and homeless

I would like to respond Mr. Miller’s letter “Enforcement needed.”  It seems that Mr. Miller thinks that the way deal with poverty and homelessness is to simply move the people who are experiencing these out of sight.  This is definitely not the answer. These are people who deserve to be treated with dignity. There are many misconceptions about the poor and homeless.  It is not the result of personal failures or inadequacies.

People do not want to be poor or homeless.  Lack of affordable housing, lack of social supports and the fact that minimum wage is not a living wage contribute to poverty and homelessness.  Stigmatizing the poor and homeless is only making the problem worse. I would like to invite Mr. Miller to learn more about poverty and homelessness before making such suggestions of greater enforcement to remove the poor and homeless out of sight.

Jill Worboys


Vernon Morning Star