Fussy Decor rustic wood 'Merry Christmas' sign

Merry Christmas

LETTER: Social event brings smiles while shopping disappoints

Went to the annual Christmas party for our Bridge Club. There were approximately 160 members enjoying the afternoon, some haven’t been seen since the last party, each wishing the next “Merry Christmas!” All in all, a nice gathering. As with all good times, we all had to end the day and go on with our daily lives. On the way home, I decided to stop at the mall to get a few things: what a difference, all were skulking around, avoiding making eye contact, smart phone at the ready for another inane text message from no one important, only utterances were: “Happy Holidays” and not very loud, either! Got me to thinking if these businesses feel they are going to offend the one per cent by saying “Merry Christmas,” then I’ll let them count on that one per cent to buy their products! Won’t be seeing me there anymore! Ho, ho, ho and “Merry Christmas!”

Bob Johnston


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