Mayor boosts industrial park

Open house prompts Salmon Arm mayor to praise local park.

Mayor’s Message by Salmon Arm Mayor Nancy Cooper:

Last week I attended the open house and tour of the ADAM Integrated facility located in our Industrial Park.

When ADAM decided to move their operations to British Columbia they chose to make Salmon Arm their home. They have discovered what so many of us already know – Salmon Arm is amazing.

After talking to people who attended this same open house, I found that not only were they impressed with the trades, technology and innovation at the ADAM Integrated facilities, but that many of them had no idea there were businesses of this nature in Salmon Arm.

In response, I decided to write about our local industries and the advantages of locating in Salmon Arm.

First of all our Salmon Arm Industrial Park is home to 81 growing businesses each of them creating different products and services, many of which are being exported around the world.

These businesses service the oil and gas industry, forestry, construction and mining sectors.

Examples of products being manufactured in Salmon Arm include trusses, plastics, sawmill equipment, recycled rubber surfaces, retractable exterior blinds, metal fabrication and so much more.

Advantages of being in Salmon Arm include: our location on the Trans-Canada Highway almost exactly half-way between the major centres of Vancouver to the east, Calgary to the west and south to the U.S. border; the availability of fibre optics allows business to compete globally; and available land and a growing concentration of skilled workers in Salmon Arm add to the benefits of being here.

If this has peeked your interest, you can find out more about the businesses operating in the Salmon Arm Industrial Park by calling me at 250-803-4034, or visiting the Salmon Arm Economic Development Society website at and checking out the online industrial park directory and interactive map.

Salmon Arm Observer