Mayes responds to constituents

I find it interesting that NDP candidate Nikki Inouye suggests Colin Mayes does not attend community events. I have been to several small community events and was surprised and pleased to meet Mr. Mayes at these social events.

Perhaps those thinking of running for office should spend as much time as Mayes does going to various community events before running for office.

I am even more surprised that Inouye thinks that is a useful and productive use of Mayes’ time to travel to his riding more often. It is about a five-hour flight from Ottawa to Vancouver, and depending on the connections and travel at the end of the journey, one could reasonably expect an MP representing this area to spend more than nine hours in travel time each way.

Most people use phones, email and the Internet to communicate for business and pleasure. We do not expect, or need, a person to be in the same room to conduct business.

I recently needed assistance from my MP, and contacted Mayes’ office by email. I received a telephone call from his office within hours. My business was conducted in person, by phone, email and fax and was concluded successfully within a few weeks. As Mr. Mayes pointed out, his staff are very helpful and in my case I found his business manager, Penny Renyk to be professional and competent in assisting me to co-ordinate my affairs with our MP. I believe if voters are apathetic it is because they don’t understand how valuable democracy is.



Marguerite Skinner


Salmon Arm Observer