Maybe Chicken Little is right

Maybe Chicken Little is right

It's worth looking at the effects of cell tower radiation now

Editor: Re: Fears over radiation are overblown

Maybe Chicken Little is right?

I must disagree with John McDonald’s opinion that we are all “Chicken Littles” for having concerns about cell towers. He says “Those communication towers are nothing compared to the cell phone you carry, your household electricity and appliances, TV, tablet, computer, etc.” The research I’ve done, suggests they are ALL very dangerous.

Barrie Trowers, who was a microwave weapons expert with the Royal Navy in the UK says wireless radiation can alter DNA permanently. A young girl’s ovaries contain some 400,000 eggs which will be released or fertilized over her lifetime. The DNA material in these eggs is ten times more susceptible to radiation damage than all the rest of the DNA in the body. Damaged eggs can cause birth defects that will be passed on through the generations. Forever.

John McDonald has drank way too much of the kool-aid if he believes that cell towers are not to be feared. Apparently the transmitters in those towers are grossly overpowered for just cell signals which makes me wonder why? Have our homes and nieghbourhoods been weaponized? Barrie Trowers thinks so.

Since Mr. MacDonald parrots the power elite’s view that there are “more people in the world than our good earth can sustain” perhaps he wants to help with their plan to depopulate through the use of “harmless” wireless radiation?

Wireless technology has not been around long enough for us to connect the dots but will we one day “wake up” and realize what has caused the explosion of cancers and birth defects? I don’t have a cell phone, my computer is hard wired and I pay $35 a month to keep my house smart meter free but what good is that when the entire world is finally bathed in wireless radiation? Maybe Chicken Little is right?

David Work

Lake Cowichan

Cowichan Valley Citizen